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Privacy Policy

If you need to cancel your booking please contact us at (+44) 0208 965 1000 as soon as possible. All cancellations made before 5 hours from the pickup time will not incur a charge. In case you cancel at the last minute, and we already sent the vehicle to pick you up, we reserve the right to charge as per the distance and vehicle.

We reserve the right to cancel any service in the event of circumstances beyond our control and provide 97% of the refunds for Bank Charges within 48 hours. In such situations, we will also try to provide an alternative with a practical time allowance. It is upon the client to inform BA Travel Cars if they miss their flight.

No Show

If the customer is not present at the pickup location, the driver will wait 1 hour 30 mins and BA Travel Cars will try contacting the customer via SMS, Phone and Email. If the customer does not reply or ‘show up’, BA Travel Cars reserves the right to not refund the journey if it has been paid online or by card.


In the event of a situation beyond our control including vehicle breakdown, adverse weather or any disruption including traffic, BA Travel Cars are not responsible for any meetings or flights missed. It is up to the customer to either wait for the delayed pick up or make other travel arrangements.

BA Travel Cars are also not responsible for any incorrect information provided by the customer. Any error in the booking form fully rests on the responsibility of the customer.


BA Travel Cars reserves the right to charge the customer £25 for any severe damage or fouling of the vehicle. It is up to BA Travel Cars to decide whether to apply this charge or not.