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Terms and Conditions

  1. Upon confirming the reservation online, making reservations over the phone or by e-mail customers agree to the terms and conditions and our privacy policy.
  2. Our drivers have the right to refuse the provision of a journey if the number of passengers or luggage exceeds the capacity of the reserved vehicle. For safety reasons, drivers will not allow the passenger to hold their luggage whilst driving.
  3. We offer free waiting time for up to 60 minutes after the flight lands and thereafter a waiting fee is applicable on a case basis.
  4. Passengers must inform us if their check-out at the airport is taking longer than 60 minutes, this ensures that the driver will remain to wait at the airport.
  5. Passengers who specify a period of time in minutes or hours after the landing time after which they wish the driver to arrive should inform us if they are ready to be collected earlier than the initial request. This will allow us to arrange the driver to collect the passengers at the airport earlier than the specified time if possible, depending on availability.
  6. Passengers who are ready to be collected earlier than their requested time on the booking form should wait until their requested period of time, if we are unable to rearrange the driver to collect the passengers earlier at the airport.
  7. Up to 15 minutes of free waiting time is provided for journeys other than airport pick-ups.
  8. Passengers should inform us over the phone or via e-mail if they cannot see the driver at the airport or pick-up location and should not leave the airport or agreed pick-up location.
  9. Customers are responsible for the reservation details as we will not be held responsible for any incorrect details that affect the journey such as contact number, flight details, and address of pick-up or destination.
    Customers should inform of any additional description that will avoid delays for the driver to arrive at the correct pick-up address. These details can include for example preferred part of flat or building (front or rear entrance). This can be specified in the notes section while booking.
  10. Passengers should also inform on the booking form in advance if they would like to avoid the use of their house doorbell for early morning or late night pick-ups and prefer us to notify them by a phone call about the driver’s arrival.
  11. Customers should notify us 5 hours before the journey of any changes in the reservation details such as a pick-up or destination address, diversions or pick-up time.
  12. Passengers will be responsible for all their belongings. We will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of luggage or other loading items.
  13. Our prices are subject to change without notice online but once confirmed by e-mail for a journey, the quoted price at the time will apply.
  14. Our terms and conditions are subject to changes without notice.
  15. Liability 

    In the event of a situation beyond our control including vehicle breakdown, adverse weather or any disruption including traffic, BA Travel Cars are not responsible for any meetings or flights missed. It is up to the customer to either wait for the delayed pick up or make other travel arrangements.

    BA Travel Cars are also not responsible for any incorrect information provided by the customer. Any error in the booking form fully rests on the responsibility of the customer.


    BA Travel Cars reserves the right to charge the customer £25 for any severe damage or fouling of the vehicle. It is up to BA Travel Cars to decide whether to apply this charge or not.

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